Meeste MM 2014 uus toimumiseaeg 30. september kuni 4. oktoober 2015

Saabus informatiivne kiri rahvusvahelise alaliidu presidendilt.

Madam, Mr. President,

Some information:

Although I did not receive yet an official mail from the Polynesian Government, I inform you it chose, in agreement with the Tahitian Federation, to defer the world championship from September 30th to October 4th, 2015. We'll now engage, in dialogue with the Federation, the organizing Committee which were maintained, and the Government, the discussions so much on the conditions of organization and reception, that on the question of the sums already paid by the federations.

Consequently the elective international Congress - which cannot expect these dates - will take place in Nice on January 23d, Friday afternoon, in hotel Campanile before the first single - tête-à-tête - world championships. It'll be followed by a meal offered to the delegates and to the presidents. Exact schedules, the place and the agenda will be sent to you later.
The candidatures deposited for the renewal of five seats of Executive committee member, remain valid, unless otherwise specified by the interested people. Moreover we open a new time for the deposit of these candidatures: until November 30th, 2014.

Note the newly-elected representatives will take up duty immediately and will take part in a meeting of the Executive committee on Saturday.


Claude AZEMA,

FIPJP President

Kuna praktiliselt samaaegselton planeeritud EM Bulgaarias 24.-27.09.2015, mille toimumisaeg on teada pea 3 aastat, on Euroopa alaliit pettunud ja saatnud vastavasisulise kirja ka härra Azemale.

"Tightly between championships
Given that next year's European Championship for Men played in Bulgaria, 24-27 September, all European delegations have to go directly from there to Tahiti. And should therefore initiate a new international championships across the globe (with eleven hour time difference) three days after the completion of another.
Alternatively send two different teams to the two championships.

CEP does not like the new date
The European union's new chairman Mike Pegg has already sent a letter to the Azéma to point out the absurdity of this, as well as disappointment that the man listened to the European union's requests (the dates for the European Championships in Bulgaria has been known for three years and CEP FIPJP asked to take them into account when planning a new date for the World Cup)."