Meeste MM Taiwanis jääb ära

F.I.P.J.P. edastas Hiina Taipei föderatsiooni teate, et viimased ei ole võimelised meeste maailmameistrivõistlusi petangis korraldama. Hetkel ei ole teada, mis 2010. aasta meeste MM-st saab.

Ametlik teade:

Dear friends,

Chinese Taipei Federation and its leaders realized - just a little late ! - they had not the competences and the means to organize the next world championship in triplettes. They just inform us they renounce without giving one's attention about the consequences for the other federations, hidding themself behind secondary pretexts.

Before sending to you a more complete mail, I inform you at once about this decision in order that you stop your steps to organize your journey.

Friendly with desolate regrets of the FIPJP

Claude AZEMA